In disonance we innovate

Hoping to obtain really innovative results? More often than not it is necessary to take a step back and consider a look from the outside. Disonancias has been working with companies and artists for over four years in order to find different ways of doing things.


Art offers up to us a distinct way of looking at things, an interpretation of the world which at times surprises us, provokes us and disquiets us. An indefatigable motor for open innovation which the platform Disonancias set up four years ago in the Basque Country, working in partnership with artists, companies and organizations of all types.

Last Thursday morning they let loose at Citilab all of their creative arsenal, drawing diagrams on tablecloths, rearranging maps of concepts written of pieces of paper and setting up ultra-quick storm-meetings.

Here at Citilab it proved impossible to avoid catching the bug of so much innovative activity and some of the resources they use caught on, as José Gálaso writes (in Spanish) on his blog “Stories of the Officeless”.

Creative Management

Currently Disonancias is working on eight research projects at their Basque base Euskadi, developed between October 2008 and July 2009. In total, a nine month effort to develop a prototype, proceedure or idea based around the initial concept defined by the participating organizations and the proposals presented by the artists.

Here in Catalonia the experience is turning out to be enormously productive, centering on projects with the aerospace engineering company GTD, the R+D Dept. at Telefónica , Eidola and TV3.

Perplexity as a motor of change

The success of this methodology lies to a large extent in the harmony and complicity of the participants, but also to the sum of so many diverse approaches, with very disparate cultures focussed towards the same point.

The “look from the outside” is here brought by artists, balancing the weight of ideas based on the culture of the organization, going further than the traditional environments.

In Disonancias there are examples for all tastes, from the bringing into the process of the children of the employees as “agents of innovation” in a technological company to working with a firm dedicated to building big shelters, who ended up developing dwellings which could be constructed quickly by the people who would live in them.

No doubt that in order to obtain different results you have to start off by thinking differently – thinking in terms of disonance seems like a good way.

To mark the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009), the European Commission in a recent report has selected the platform Disonancias as an example of good european practice for their actions and initiatives in driving through open innovation and involvement among artists and companies.

The choice of Disonancias by the European Commission was made following a lengthy process of selection of different initiatives of good european practice in creativity and innovation in the EU as a whole.

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